People who do a job that claims to be creative have to be alone to recharge their batteries

Karl Lagerfeld

What We Offer

Creative Industry Capacity Building

The KAM Africa CIPD Programme, we support Creative Industry Professionals in career growth by delivery Conferences aimed at creating networking opportunites, business trainings and showcasing their works.

Premium Event Coverages

KAM Africa covers and partners with premium sports, finance and entertainment productions in producing and distributing content.

Media strategizing & Consulting.

Understanding Business, How to best serve an entity and those that the business caters to are reasons why KAM Africa has stood out in project iniation and delivery, both for her platform and client. Understanding your ROI over every penny spent needs expert strategy and analysis, that is where we come in.


KAM Africa is a company that is very interested in developing African platforms that share common economic and social values. We help and support SMEs in growth and scaling up their businesses. One of those is our Edu-tech platform called CULTURECATE. Our Internet radio platform, Our Creative Industry Practitioners Platform etc. 

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